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Using football match statistics to teach money

Monday, 20 October 2014
BBC Sport has been carrying out some research into the cost of going to a football match and came up with some amazing statistics that can be used to teach primary maths. This puts your maths iin context using real-life data to generate some interesting football related maths activities.

They looked at the costs of season tickets, match-day tickets, programmes, pies, tea and an adult shirt to compare the least and most expensive prices around Europe. A visit to a Premier League match comes out as an expensive option compared to the German Bundesliga or La Liga in Spain, but there is also a huge range of prices within each league in England.
Here is a section from the results. Go to BBC Sport The Price of Football for the original and full chart. 
The charts are a great source of data for your class to explore, discuss and then perhaps come up with their own findings.

Here are a few problems and questions to start you off:

  • A family of 4 want to watch a Premier League match. They want to buy the cheapest tickets, 1 programme, 4 pies and 2 teas. Which club would cost the most to visit and which would be the least expensive?

  • At which clubs could you buy a season ticket at a lower price than a single (most expensive) match-day ticket for Arsenal?

  • How much money is saved buying a season ticket for Crystal Palace rather than a ticket for each of their 19 match? What about other clubs?

  • What is the difference in price between the most and least expensive adult shirts in England?

To complete these use the full data from all the charts at  BBC Sport: The Price of Football
I particularly liked the facts above.

The BBC have included some good visual representation of the findings in
'The Price of Football: The best of the BBC Sport study in numbers'.

There are some of the other results below.


BBC Sport are also running a regular feature: 

Maths of the day - the maths behind the match

This is one of their topics:

What's the maths behind a free kick?
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