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Premier league final day - rich with data and stats

Sunday, 13 May 2012
So it’s the season finale – the most exciting for years (unless you’re a Liverpool fan) and the opportunity for Manchester City to usurp their illustrious neighbours. There will be tears from the City fans whatever the result…

I love the statistics that are generated from football, or any sport for that matter – and they are often presented in newspapers in a way that is very accessible to primary aged children.

The Guardian yesterday produced some interesting line graphs to compare the league positions of the top two teams and those still hoping for Champions League football.

They have a simple scale on the y-axis and are nicely colour-coded so shouldn’t be too difficult for Y5 or Y6 children to read – ‘What can you tell me from this graph?’ would be a good open way to start with either of them.

champs league

2016 data

BBC Sport has some great information about the 2016 season final results including top scorers that use percentages of shots on target.

Statto has some bar charts - maybe take a screen shot rather than use the website live as there are a few adverts for betting.  The goal totals bar chart goes up to 120 with a scale counting in 20s, there is a great bar chart using negative numbers to show goal differences.

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