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What resources can we 'dip into' to give more ideas?.....

We would like to provide more easily accessible age appropriate activities. There are many resources on various websites, but we want something more concrete e.g. clear ideas for Y5/6 linked to, say, geometry. We subscribe to your website, so don't want a scheme. Have you any ideas or thoughts?
I know it sounds obvious, but I would recommend looking through your cupboards, you will have old teachers books, textbooks, resources etc. Try to put these together (and throw out the rubbish!) to build a maths library with these, that teachers can browse through for each topic, perhaps based on each two-year phase.

Obviously the new curriculum has some different expectations, but I have a list of which areas moved in the 2014 NC compared to before. You can print and laminate this and put it on the wall to help when using your existing resources. 

Many of the main publishers are concentrating on whole schemes now, whereas a few years ago you could get books on maths topics such as Time, Multiplication or Place Value. There are a few things out there that I could recommend: 
  • Rising Stars 'Fluency with Fractions' series is useful for the fractions topics

  • Letts Mental arithmetic series is new (I wrote the textbooks!) and out soon for schools with, as it says, mental calculation activities. It is a small set of books, not a scheme, but could be useful as a resource.

  • Apex Maths from Cambridge University Press is a series of problem-solving books and a CD that is good

  • 'We have a problem' from Badger publishing has some interesting quirky ideas for teaching word problems

  •  BEAM's big book of word problems is useful to have - a lot of the BEAM material is good even though its been around a while.

  • Maths Mysteries again my own materials, a set of 12 problems with a 'context' backdrop and clue cards. These are ready to use and easy to set up. There's a teachers book providing tips on how to support children approach each problem and many further related tasks. Take a look...
Here is a list of changes in the new 2014 NC.

Use this alongside some of the resources and books you have from before 2014. 
In response to teacher's requests for support with resources, especially problem solving,  I am currently working on providing problem solving activities for each unit.

I have been relcutant to link specfic activities to specfic units as the ethos of my approach is to give teachers the means to create their own lessons. However the idea is to still give teachers choice, nothing would be prescriptive to teach at any given point, but perhaps at least provide a place to start looking.  

I shall be working on this over the summer - so watch this space!
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