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We are creating maths folders for our teachers are there any files you recommend from your site?

Shared maths folders are a good idea. To make things easier for you it would be a good idea to have two sections, information for their folders and then encourage them to use some materials directly from our site. So what should you choose? 

It would be a little time consuming to set up folders yourself with everything in for all the teachers. When I support schools with this I encourage the teachers to do the majority of this part of the process themselves so that they get to grips with all the elements of the scheme of work.
There are certain files that would be useful to have ready and prepared for them in their folders - all the files in the 'Scheme of work' section, such as progression steps, medium term plans, trackers, NC links etc could be ready for them, to save time downloading. 

The second section could be the area they prepare themselves. I regularly update the content online - the files within the 'Class planning R-Y6' section were changed last summer and are intended to be used by the individual teachers so they open them up for each new unit and plan from them. Recently, after requests for teaching activities and problem solving ideas I have added links to each class planning units, these are ideas on the page for copying rather than for downloading. As new material is always being added, leaving this part of the process to the teachers means they are using the site to gather the latest information. So it might be a good idea to get your teachers registered and let them download each unit template as and when they are ready and look at the resources that are available too. This will save you downloading and uploading all 18 units for each year too!
To start them off you could have only the first 2 units downloaded as an example so they know how to organise it for you (obviously show them how to use the Broadbentmaths site to plan from). Then when they have completed a planned unit of work, including a short review of the unit after it has been taught. This can go in the folder ready as a unit to refer to when the maths topic is next visited and to use as reference for the next time the unit is taught.
Doing it this way makes the 2-week planning process an active and creative part of their teaching and hopefully makes it easy for you to monitor the effectiveness of the planning and the impact on the teaching and learning.

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