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Ready to use the Planning Menu?

A one-off school subscription to Broadbent Maths Menu gives access to the whole website with no annual renewal fees.

For a school subscription, each teacher will have their own login to access the files and support for Teaching, ProgressionPlanning and the Maths topics.
Individual membership gives a single subscription access to the site.

How to subscribe

You will need a credit/debit card or paypal account for payment.

1. Choose your School size below, then select Subscribe.
2. Check the details on the order summary and select Place an order.
3. Enter your school details and the name and position of your chosen main contact.
4. Finally pay by d
ebit or credit card or via your paypal account -  for instant access

single one-off payment

no annual renewal fees

Money back guarantee conditions below.

Individual Membership
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Single payment of £36.00 (incl. VAT)

Individual - £30.00 + VAT
Primary School
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School Size Pupils Price
Small 1-100 £200 +vat
Medium 101-300 £260 +vat
Large 301+ £320 +vat

Infant or First School
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Infant or First School Size  Pupils Price
Small  1-200 £200 +vat
Large  201+ £260 +vat

International Schools
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VAT will not be added
School Size Pupils Price
Small 1-100 £200
Medium 101-300 £260
Large 301+ £320

Money back guarantee conditions

We’ve made it as simple as we can:

  1. Sign every teacher on as a USER within the first month– we want all your teachers to have the greatest opportunity to use the whole website.

  2. Use it for at least 8 weeks.

  3. Let us know within 3 months if you want your money back.

  4. If you have a refund, confirm all downloaded files have been permanently deleted and that no teachers are using any files or materials downloaded from the website on their own personal or school computers or storage systems and that they understand to do so without the school purchasing the Maths Planning Menu is breaking copyright.

...It's that straightforward!

In summary the Broadbent Maths Planning Menu includes


All the following downloadable files:

  • Medium-term plans for Reception to Year 6

  • Unit plans – 18 two-week units for each year, R-6

  • National curriculum links

  • Small steps of progression charts

  • Maths trackers

  • Mental arithmetic progression

  • Language, models and images support

  • Essential skills guide

  • Record sheets for reasoning, problem solving and statistics

  • Calculation policy files

  • Subject leader support, including articles on maths subject knowledge and pedagogy
Single payment licence conditions
Access will be for a minimum of two years, however it will extend beyond that time for as long as the Broadbent Maths Planning Menu resources remains available online.

The extended licence is limited to User schools and only covers your current teachers using the materials on the site of your school. Please update your staff list if some teachers have left. 

Please note: New subscribers to the Planning Menu will be charged, this is not a free resource to share with other schools or teachers.
  • Every teacher in your school will have their own personal login.

  • The cost is based on school size.

  • The whole website is available for use in your school, by your teachers to use with your children.

  • All of the planning files can be downloaded at any time and as many times as you need.


For Local Authority or Academy Cluster Purchases bulk discounts are available. Please contact us.

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