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Our school has started using Broadbent Maths and we have a couple of questions

1. Do the units have to be taught in the order they are given?
2. The units are all 2-weeks, is it possible to split them?
Thanks for your email - good to hear that you will be using the planning menu for your maths. I'll answer each question in turn:
1. The 18 units do not need to be taught in that particular order for each year. It is a suggestion (and the order that I would teach it, so a recommendation) but you can move the order around.

The only thing to remember is that each topic area in each spiral needs to be in order, for example Addition and subtraction 1, 2 then 3 in that order.

2. Regarding the splitting of units, the objectives and success criteria are the key things to bear in mind. I have made sure there is continuity and progression as well as coverage of the 2014 PoS by carefully arranging them into 2 week units.

If you split them, just make sure the objectives and success criteria are covered. The other thing to consider is that a 1 week unit may not give time for consolidation and mastery - it may do, depending on the topic, but I find that 2 weeks is a good time to allow for the maths to sink in. A 2 week unit can still have a different focus for each week if the objectives work in that way, but you can often make connections between the different topics over the fortnight.

For example, you mention the Measures unit has objectives for weight length and capacity as well as time and ask could they be separated and taught as individual weeks, well it could be that reading scales is your main focus, which can use length, mass and capacity in a context of, say, 'Planting cress seeds' over a 2-week unit. 
I tried to limit the number of objectives for each unit to give space for consolidation (one reason handling data is part of every unit) but I am aware that some units are 'heavier' on objectives just to cover all the PoS. This is where you come in to make links between them and focus on those that your class need to spend more time on.

I hope this helps and do let me know how you get on. 
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