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Another opportunity for a palindromic date

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

If you missed the palindromic date on 21.11.12 in November and the 12.12.12 pattern in December, then there’s another chance to give your class a palindromic date challenge in January: 31.1.13.
It is worth looking at the standard convention of writing dates as numerals. Normally 31.01.13 is the accepted form, but explain that for convenience January can be written as 1 not 01.

Thinking back to my own school days I can’t remember anyone writing 01 for January it was always as a single digit 31/1/13.  The convention of making all the numbers in dates 2-digits seems to have arrived with the use of computers, standardising the dates.

This is the last chance for a while on a school day. If we stay with the rule of single digit months then March, May and July 2013 all fall in holidays, but after that there’s not another one for many years.

I’ll leave you with that little challenge to work out exactly when… or ask your class to find out of course. You could bend the rules slightly – could 3.10.13 be included as a palindromic date?

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